Put signs of HOPE on the Tasman Bridge!!!

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Mental illness is VERY REAL. Depression is VERY REAL. And it is all around us. The statistics of suicide in Tasmania, let alone Australia and the rest of the world are rising, FAST, especially as we here in Tasmania are in the midst of the lonely, colder months. In 2012 the statistics on the rate of suicide in Australia was at an average of 7 suicides per day. In the 2014-15 Tasmanian Government Budget Submission from Lifeline, it reads that suicide is the leading cause of death for Tasmanians under 45. Tasmania has the second highest rate of male suicide and highest rate of female suicide in Australia.

Surely that shows that we need to do whatever it is as a community we can, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our neighbours, workmates, friends and family. We need to ensure that people suffering from various situations and mental illnesses get the help and support that they need. And that they know that THERE IS STILL HOPE!

The Tasman Bridge has been, for a very long time now, a place where so many people go to think about, attempt and even worse, commit suicide. Every year. Every month. Every week. Every day. And every minute of every day, there are people contemplating taking there own lives, right here in Tasmania. This is real and heartbreaking and we need to take action.These people need to know that they are enough and that their lives are worth living.

A few months back, I came across some Lifeline signs on a cliff, along a walking track, in Lennox Heads, a suburb in Northern NSW. I was told from some of the locals when asking about these signs, that at one stage before these signs where put in, the rate of suicide attempts were higher. Since they have been put in there has been actual, real life stories of people finding the strength and help that they needed to get through, simply by coming across these signs at the right moment and time.

 THESE SIGNS ARE VERY SIMPLE YET SO POWERFUL. The sign reads "Hold onto HOPE, There is always HELP"." another reads "Call a friend. Call your family. Call us" Then at the bottom of these signs there is a number to call lifeline's 24hr telephone crisis support line.                               There is also another that I have read somewhere before that says "We CARE, we can HELP. Day or Night."

Let's get these signs on the Tasman Bridge!!

 The main point to this petition is not to deter the Department Of Infrastructure to stop thinking about the proposal to build higher barriers on the Tasman bridge, as I know in the past there has been petitions put forward to get the height of the barrier raised. The point of that petition is so that it creates a barrier to peoples attempts and opens up opportunity and time for sufferers to get help from other members of the community, which I completely understand, and think that this is a great idea. But this will take alot of time and money. I believe that this is not what people need right now in the present nor can our state afford this. PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE. We don't need people relocating somewhere else to end there lives when life gets hard "because the barriers were to high",we need people to get help. Lifeline offers an amazing free 24hr service for people in times of crisis. Talking to someone, hearing someone's voice, having someone listen, having valuable advice given and knowing someone cares can often be all that people need to get through times of hardship. And this is what these signs can offer. Not just for people wanting to end there lives but for people who are feeling lonely and flat, for people who are feeling like something is not quite right with themselves or another loved one. Having these signs will not just raise awareness for those at risk of suicide but also for those who know someone else who is at risk. You can also call this number and find out information to help you when dealing with someone with mental illness. Lifeline can also refer you to other places and organisations that can offer you more help. 

People need people and people need hope.There is never a situation that, with a great network of people, healthy lifestyle, love, care and time and effort, anyone can't get through. Many of you reading this petition will have known or know of someone who has seen, has or has attempted suicide from the Tasman Bridge at one stage or another, or maybe you yourself have been in times of need and know that a sign as simple as these signs would have made a huge difference in your life.

All I am asking is that if you have read this petition to get some Lifeline Signs put on the Tasman Bridge and agree with what is said, that you please sign this petition and show your support. Write in the comment box below why you are agreeing to sign the petition. Share it on facebook. Send letters to politicians. Email your friends and family. We need as many people as we can to join and show their support so that when the petition is put forward, the Department Of Infrastructure know that the community is backing them all the way. It's such a simple, cheap and easy thing to do, to put some signs up, yet these signs one day might save someone's life. These signs give HOPE. Even if to just one life, then in the end, all the effort will be worth it.






If you or someone you know needs help please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or go to there website at

Also please visit their website to read some incredible stories and testimonies that have come from the help and support that Lifeline can offer.



To read more about the 2014-15 budget proposal for life line go to...


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