Drastic Action to Fix Australia's Housing Issues

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- Introduce rent control to provide securities for families and individuals when renting

- Tighten Air B'nB regulations, making more houses available as desperately needed long-term rental rather than short-term holiday stays.

- Regulations on investment properties, and interstate/international investment in properties

- Change the land laws to allow people to live in caravans on their own land, or renting land from others, rather than making this illegal

- Introduce more housing affordability schemes, including increased rental supplements if necessary in line with the huge increases in rental price (which have thus far not been met with any increases in rent assistance for people on low income)

- More government funded housing and communal housing (as opposed to selling off housing stock!) including higher-density options including apartment buildings, and even tiny house villages

- Government-funded tiny houses for the homelessness, at risk of homelessness, or simply lower-income, with rent-to-buy schemes and dedicated tiny house parks

- Relaxed laws on building development, in particular multiple dwellings, caravans, communes. Allow land owners to take action to provide more housing options for those who need it.

- Reconsider refugee numbers, and priority criteria for housing wait lists 

- Any others ideas, please feel free to suggest.

Actions needs to be taken NOW.
It is unacceptable for Australian citizens - in particular families and disables - to be homeless for lack of action, and for laws to be in favour of businesses, investors, and those who are rich and powerful.

Balance needs to be restored.

Action needs to be taken NOW.