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Bring back the Richmond Skate park Lights

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The Richmond skate park might not be the best or the biggest but for the people who use the skate park, it is our skate park. If you are to go to the skate park during the day you will find people of all ages getting outside and having fun whether that is on bikes, scooters or skateboards. Not only is the skate park a fun place to ride and meet up with friends but it a great place to get outside and meet new ones. Back in the good days when the sun sets the lights to come on allowing people to continue riding this is no longer the case. Despite contrary belief, a large number of people will continue riding the skate park after dark sometimes into the early hours of the morning. People can obviously no longer do this.

Because of the poor decision-making from one individual, the lights at the Richmond skate park were vandalized leading to the light being disconnected from the grid. This lead to people no longer being able to ride after dark as it was far too dangerous. Passing near the skate park the lack of lights has begun to attract less desirable people which do not provide a safe space. As well as the lights being removed the TDC has also removed the water fountain at the skate park meaning that the only way for people to get water is to travel down the road to get water from the McDonald free stander.

A Hours bike ride away is Neal skate park. This is a prime example of what the riders of Richmond skate park want to see. Neal skate park has led lights which are perfect for riding. These lights are on a 30-minute timer with a button so when riders wish to ride at the skate park they can turn the lights on providing a safe riding environment.

What we ask of the TDC is that they see reason around the Richmond skate park and recognize the asset that the skate park is. We ask that the TDC bring back the lights at the Richmond skate park for the people who enjoy the skate park and if possible to modernize the lights modeling them off other successful skate parks such as Neal skate park in Nelson. We also ask that the TDC Bring back the water fountain at the skate park as well.

We hope with your support in signing this petition that we can persuade TDC into working with the people who not only use but also care for the skate park.

Thank you for your time :)

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