Demand Fort Worth, TX Investigate and Prosecute the Murderer of Kevin "Bo" Battle

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Statement of Facts for Kevin Battle, Sr. Case

On March 20, 2019 alleged suspect, Mark W. Jabben, 46 and Kevin Battle, Sr. 57 got into a physical altercation regarding loud music coming from Mr. Battle’s residence. The two share the same entry way to the front doors of their residences (Keep in mind their residence front doors are side by side). After the incident Mr. Battle called the Fort Worth Police Department to report the incident and allegedly there was a police report taken. According to sources Mr. Jabben told Mr. Battle to “Turn that music down, Nigger.” After police left nothing further occurred on this date.

On March 21, 2019 Mr. Battle’s son and grandson arrived for a visit from out of town and during the day, Mr Jabben asked Mr. Battle if they could discuss the incident that occurred on March 20, 2019. Mr. Battle advised Mr. Jabben that they could discuss the issue after his son and grandson left from their visit. Mr. Battle said this because he wanted to enjoy the visit with his son and grandson who lived out of town.

On March 25, 2019 while visiting with his son and grandson, Mr Battle’s 5-year-old grandson said he was scared because a stranger said something to him as he exited the front door of Mr. Battle’s residence after getting his I-Pad. Mr. Battle took his grandson by the hand and went to his neighbor’s front door to ask what he said to his grandson. As Mr. Battle and his grandson stood at the door waiting, Mr. Jabben opened the door and fired one shot striking Mr. Battle in the face and as Mr. Battle turned to take cover and protect his grandson, Mr Jabben fired another fatal shot striking Mr. Battle in the back of the head. Mr. Battle fell in the small entry way of the two apartments and Mr. Battle’s son who witnessed the incident called 911 for the police.

On March 27, 2019 in the late evening, the family of Kevin Battle, Sr. was notified by Mr. Battle’s neighbors that it was not safe for them to return to his residence because they had witnessed a black car with white men fire six shots near the residence.

Mr. Jabben was allegedly taken in for questioning and released with no charges filed. According to sources, the case will be sent to the grand jury. In addition, sources have advised that while law enforcement has been tight lipped about the facts of the case, they have been leaking information that Mr. Battle is pro-Black.

Because of the misinformation and lack of credible reporting, it became necessary to gather the facts of this incident and present them based on actual eye witness information. Based on the facts it should be clear that the “I feared for my life” or the stand your ground law doesn’t apply in this case.