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Stop selling pacifiers that eroticize sexual abuse against infant girls

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Recently, my wife and I were looking around a Target store for shoes for our 13 month old daughter, Violet. In the process we came across many disturbing products on your shelves, one of the worst of these being "sexy" pacifiers for baby girls, one with a lipstick mark on it, the other with the word "flirt". We find it repulsive that you would think it is appropriate to openly sell products that represent infant girls as sexual objects for men's pleasure.

More than that, we find it terrifying that you are normalizing rape against children by selling products that send the message to abusers that little girls are sexually interested in men. Abusive men are constantly looking for ways to justify their abuse to themselves, and your product provides them such an opportunity.

Young girls like my daughter, seeing a product like this in a popular national chain store, are being told that it is appropriate and even expected that they engage in "sexy" behavior. And while you might think your product is just some quirky little harmless joke, girls who have survived assault are receiving the message that the larger society considers it normal or even "funny" for men to abuse them.

Take these products off the market.

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