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Target - Save Thanksgiving!

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I am asking Target to please keep all stores closed on Thanksgiving Day and to open the stores for Black Friday at a reasonable hour so that people like me can be together with their family and friends on Thanksgiving.

My husband and I have two children and we are always "working around" someone's work schedule to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and such as a family.  One of my daughters has worked in retail Thanksgiving Day from 4 - 9 pm for several years now and my other daughter has Thanksgiving dinner with her boyfriend and his family at 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day.  Because of these conflicts, two years ago we had Thanksgiving dinner at 10 pm on Thanksgiving Day; and last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving on the Sunday before, all so we could celebrate the National Family Holiday known as Thanksgiving - even if it was really late in the day or wasn't actually ON Thanksgiving.

I myself didn't even have to work on Thanksgiving Day last year since my schedule was to close on Black Friday.  But I am sure there are many families who work at Target, as well as for other businesses, that have to "work around" this holiday and all the other "holidays" just to be able to spend time with their loved ones.

I understand that Target is only trying to beat out the competition for holiday foot traffic and to open as a convenience for the guests who want to shop with their families and friends after their own Thanksgiving dinners.  And of course, if you do open for Thanksgiving, we who work in the stores at Target will all be there to work.

A "holiday" however, is "a day set aside by custom or by law, in which normal activities, especially business or work, are to be suspended or reduced."  That's why Thanksgiving Day is an officially recognized federal holiday every fourth Thursday of November - and Target should recognize it too.

I believe that the Thanksgiving holiday was instituted for us to take some time out of our often too busy lives to recognize, celebrate and be thankful for all the good things we have in this country.  I hope that others will join with me to help ensure that "holidays" remain holidays for everyone and not just a select few.  If you agree, please join me in signing my petition.

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