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Remove Milkscreen Breastfeeding Assessment Test from store Shelves.

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We live in a culture surrounded by misinformation and doubt when it comes to breastfeeding. We are just now raising awareness that 'breast is best' in a culture that has been led to believe for years, by the formula industry, that mothers in some way or another are incapable of providing proper nutrition for their babies, or that for some reason breast feeding is indecent or offensive.

One of the biggest problems still out there is the doubt of a new mother being able to supply enough milk for her children. I was shocked to find out that Target sells a “Breastfeeding Assessment Test” that claims to tell mom’s if they are producing enough milk.   This "test" relies on the mother pumping milk to see if she is producing "enough". A pump is not a baby. The fact is that most women can not pump the same quantity of breast milk that they produce by nursing directly.

This product preys on and profits from the doubt and insecurities of a new mother and will only cast doubt on her ability to successfully breastfeed.

If a mother is concerned about her production she should spend her money on a lactation consultant or someone qualified to teach her how to know if her baby is getting enough to eat not waste it on a scam which will only urge her to turn to formula.

Please sign my petition to tell Target they should show their support for breastfeeding mothers by removing this product and stop supporting a company who is only trying to profit from and mislead a new mother.

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