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Titi Branch the Co-Founder of Miss Jessie's, committed suicide Dec 4th, 2014. Around this time she was dating Anthony Spadafora, Founder of Maestro Beard Classics, for less than 2 years. Anthony took advantage of her mental illness via alleged threats of revenge porn, and used her like an ATM extracting allegedly approximately $900,000.00, part of which was used to build his business Maestro Beard Classics which is distributed by Target.

Remove all Maestro Beard Classics products from Target. Target should not reward financial abusers, manipulators, users, and predators by distributing their products.

Personal story
Titi Cree Branch, born June 10th, 1969 in Jamaica Queens, NY was a pioneer in the natural hair care industry. She, alongside her sister Miko Branch in 2004, Co-founded the brand Miss Jessie's from scratch with their own capital and tireless work, which has been loved worldwide by women with naturally curly, kinky, and wavy textured hair. After a successful partnership with Target and opening Miss Jessie's salon in SoHo Manhattan in 2010, Titi wanted to began dating.

She created a profile on in 2012, and met a man named Anthony Spadafora from Pennsylvania. During the course of their relationship, Anthony was made aware Titi was clinically depressed and began to use it to his personal advantage. In less than 2 years he isolated her from her family and friends. He then allegedly extracted $2,000 for his mother's psychotherapy, $35,000 to pay off his son's Anthony Spadafora Jr's student loans, $50,000 to give $25,000 to both his mother and aunt, $135,000 interest free loan, and $420,000 to renovate a Pennsylvania home. Allegedly, portions of this money was used to start his beard care line Maestro Beard Classics, which is now being distributed by Target. He also allegedly convinced Titi to change the beneficiary of her $2,000,000 life insurance policy from her sister Miko Branch, to him.

After he allegedly made sexual advances to her personal trainer, Titi tried to end the relationship but Anthony threatened to release nude photo's of her which Titi knew could damage her brand and reputation. All of the extra stress, toxicity, and unbearably controlling ways of Anthony was too much for Titi to handle alone. On December 4th, 2014 it was reported she committed suicide. Within days of her death, her grieving family asked Anthony for her computer. However, Anthony allegedly blackmailed them saying if they did not give him Titi's Cartier bracelet, that he would not give them the computer. The family obliged, and the computer was scrubbed clean.

A calculated sinister individual should no longer have the privilege of selling their  products in Target, especially if they did not authentically work their way into the industry, the way Titi and her sister Miko did from scratch with no loans, angel investors, or manipulation of others. Please Target, honor Titi Cree Branch's legacy by removing his products from all Target stores.