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Target: Please go fur free!

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In response to recent inquiries, Target representatives have stated:

“Target doesn’t have a ‘no fur’ policy. We do carry some items during the year that may contain fur in the material.”

Compassionate shoppers have responded by calling, writing and e-mailing Target, and starting a Care2 petition which has gained over 500 signatures in less than three weeks.

Although many of those who are speaking out are regular Target shoppers, their immediate and determined response is no surprise. Animals used for fur are subjected to unimaginable cruelty, including extreme confinement, overcrowding, drowning, strangulation, electrocution, and even being skinned alive. That is why so many animal lovers are committed to boycotting stores that sell any type of fur or fur trim, and why we are encouraging Target to adopt a fur-free policy.

We also strongly urge Target to implement stricter labeling policies in items containing animal skins, hair, and feathers. The content of some items such as clothing, accessories and cosmetic brushes have been inaccurately labeled, or not labeled at all, either on packaging or This has resulted in customers avoiding products altogether, or returning them after realizing they were not synthetic.

Target currently offers a wide variety of animal-friendly products, and has been a great resource for clothing, shoes, cruelty-free cosmetics and household products, and vegan and vegetarian groceries. even offers an impressive selection of vegan cookbooks! Target was also quick to remove “Planet Frog” from their shelves, after PETA presented them with evidence that the miniature frog aquarium was bad for frogs and hazardous to children’s health.

We hope that Target will once again consider animals and the customers who love them, and make the decision to go fur free!

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