Black Citizens Rights and Freedom.

Black Citizens Rights and Freedom.

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I care for my fellow brothers and sisters that surround me. Everyone has the rights to walk to the park, walk their pets, etc. but it’s just a matter if the police will allow them and that is not right. Black people should not feel afraid to walk out their house because they fear of getting shot, they should not be afraid to go to the store, they shouldn’t be afraid of the world around them at all.

Color, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, or even facial features doesn’t separate who we all are on the inside. We are all people with hearts and brains. We all want to live and be happy, be safe. Black people deserve the same amount of love and respect that everyone else does.

Being black should not be considered a “crime” or a “threat.” Being who you are is not a crime, but a privilege. Black people are all incredibly beautiful and strong inside and out, and non-colored folks should see that already. 

Discriminating someone who is black is basically you just disrespecting yourself. Because you’re just as much of a human with a heart and soul as they are. The silent pleas have gone on long enough.

Black citizens are finally using their voice and they will not tolerate the hatred anymore. They deserve respect and love.