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Highlight the importance in keeping a Target store in Manjimup, WA 6258

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The Manjimup Chamber of Commerce and Industry seeks to support and promote economic growth in the region.

This weeks news that amongst others the Manjimup Target store will close in 2021 is a devastating blow to our community.

Many rely on the store for children’s clothes, essentials, clothing, school uniform and much much more.

The neatest department store to Manjimup will be 90minutes away a huge both timely and costly trip.

Manjimup does have some fantastic shops that provide some of the above mentioned items but affordability, and choice will now be taken out of our hands. 

I ask that we show Target Australia how many people use the store and would have a negative impact on the town and its community should it close. 

Thank you

Victoria Howe - President Manjimup Chamber of Commerce and Industry