50% of Ethnic Aisle should be Black Owned

50% of Ethnic Aisle should be Black Owned

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Started by Allyson Springett

Black Lives Matter has raised awareness of the injustices that has plagued our communities for way too long. The financial injustices are also blatant and in our faces.  Below is excerpts from an email I composed to various corporations to get them to change the habit of grossly profiting off the black consumer with a totally unfair representation of the black owned hair care businesses. On a recent trip to Walmart, I noticed in the ethnic aisle black owned products were on the very bottom of the shelf. 97% of the ETHNIC HAIR CARE PRODUCTS in the Ethnic Hair Care aisle were not black owned. How is this fair and equitable when we are 85% of the consumer of these products. 


I am writing you in good faith with great optimism. There is currently a campaign to get stores such as yours to dedicate 15% of your total footprint to ethnic hair care products. Let's be honest and admit that is a bit aggressive and not necessarily cost effective. While I am being honest, your shelves of ethnic products are a disastrous representation of BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES.  80- 100% of your consumers of natural hair care products and ethnic products are people of color. Yet, 97% of the products sold to that same demographic are not owned by people of color. This is a gross under representation of BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES. This is extremely problematic and people are waking up and doing something about it. I am sure you have heard of the many movements to BUY BLACK and to BOYCOTT stores that do not represent the demographics of the market from which they are the benefactor. 

To be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution is no longer acceptable. I have a solution that will satisfy all parties involved and you will experience the benefits of doing the right thing. The right, fair and just thing to do is to dedicate 50 percent of the ethnic aisle to Black Owned Businesses. Your current shelf space in your ethic aisles are a paltry 3%. You can fix that right away. 50% of shelf space you currently have dedicated to ethnic hair care products is a winnable feat over 15% of your entire footprint.  This is an opportunity to be PRO active as opposed to RE active. 


Please sign the petition demanding stores stock 50% of the Ethnic Aisles with BLACK OWNED PRODUCTS. Currently every one is benefiting from us except us. 50% is not a lot to ask when they are making 97% of the profit. 

1,054 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!