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Correct and update your stud books to stop unethical, irresponsible breeders

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Update: the ADBA has responded and we thank them!

There has been massive media attention given to "The Hulk" a 173+ lb mixed breed dog marketed by his breeders Dark Dynasty K9 as an American Pit Bull Terrier. A dog they claim publicly is dual registered as an APBT by both the UKC and ADBA.

The breeders have Hulk's pedigree posted on line which shows Whopper as an ancestor.

It's been well known for many years that Whopper dogs are not American Pit Bull Terriers and claims have been made that Eddington mixing his Freeman bloodline to produce Whopper was done with full consent and knowledge of both the ADBA and the UKC to create behemoth dogs who excel in weight pull events. 

Because of this, unethical breeders such as DDK are able to pass off their obviously mixed breed dogs as APBT (Pit Bulls) and dupe the uneducated public into believing these dogs are representative of what the American Pit Bull Terrier is. The Hulk has gone viral as being the world's largest APBT but those familiar with the breed and his pedigree know for a fact that he is not a Pit Bull. In effect, if Whopper is continued to be allowed to be registered as a Pit Bull with UKC and ADBA, irresponsible breeders - the very breeders we should all be united in shutting down to ensure the betterment and preservation of our beloved breeds and to help reduce shelter dog intakes, will continue to benefit from an error in your stud books that should have been corrected years ago.

Breed mislabeling, as you are well aware, leads to the passage of Breed Specific Legislation - laws which both of your organizations claim to be against.

Both of your organizations also claim to support responsible breeding and there is nothing responsible or ethical about charging thousands of dollars for dogs of misrepresented lineage. 

Because of these very points, both of your organizations have a very clear duty to right this wrong by immediately revoking Whopper's registration and by ensuring that The Hulk is denied registration as an American Pit Bull Terrier. If it is true that The Hulk is registered with either of your groups (as DDK claims on their website), those papers should also be revoked to ensure that he, and other dogs like him, are not able to gain recognition for a breed they are not.

03/24/15: Update: please see the ADBA's response here:


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