Stop Russias "Whale Prison"

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Recent veterinarian inspection by Russian authorities revealed that 11 killer whales and 90 belugas have been captured and are being held in horrifically small holding pens in Srednyaja Bay, Russia. At least 15 unweaned, toothless beluga calves have been discovered at the holding facility in Srednyaja Bay, Russia. The calves were among the 90 captured and are currently being quarantined in small transportation tanks. Videos have emerged showing the cramped conditions these wild-caught belugas are subjected to while awaiting purchase from aquariums in China and other places around the world.  The 11 killer whales held at the facility are housed out of sight. Genetic testing has also confirmed that the 11 orcas being held at the facility are mammal-eating transients. According to recent research, there are less than 300 individual transient orcas in Russian waters. These captures can cause, and likely have already caused, catastrophic damage to these wild populations. New reports are also stating that the Moscow Endocrine Plant refused to export 25 belugas abroad. A vast majority of these animals have been living in these horrid conditions since they were first captured under an “educational” quota several months ago. Since Russian laws are very vague and unenforced, the animals captured for “educational” purposes will most likely be sold to aquariums and used for entertainment. According to new reports, violations have been found within the capture permits. As a result, a set of prosecutorial response measures will be taken and an assessment will be conducted on the actions of officials of the Amur Territorial Administration of the Federal Fishery Agency, who illegally issued permits for the extraction of marine mammals.


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