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Fellow travelers, if you have been a loyal supporter of AirAsia like most of us, you must have been familiar with the RM3 klia2 fee that AirAsia charges for all flights that departed from klia2.

 AirAsia had been collecting said klia2 fee from passengers since May 2014, and have only recently ceased charging the RM3 fee in January 2019 when it has been made clear that it is in fact, illegal.  Passengers have spent their hard earned money on fees that they were not even supposed to pay.

The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) previously explained that it did not agree with AirAsia charging the klia2 fee, stating that it is unethical for AirAsia to be doing so- as passengers might have a misperception that the klia2 fee goes to airport operator, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) when in reality it goes to AirAsia. MAHB has also clarified that they are not the ones imposing the klia2 fee.

It is also baffling that AirAsia is only charging such fees here in Malaysia. We have never heard of such fees being imposed in Changi or Don Mueang Airport? If AirAsia has any vendetta against its own home country- it is best to leave innocent passengers out of it.

Here we have AirAsia’s leader constantly telling us that AirAsia is fighting for the people when the fact of the matter is it’s just another capitalist profiteering out of their own passengers.

Which is why this needs to stop. AirAsia needs to be accountable. We can’t let billion dollar corporations get away by abusing passengers for their own pockets. We need to win to ensure all AirAsia’s passengers are fairly compensated.

This is the avenue where we can demand justice together. By gathering enough signatures we can bring this petition to AirAsia, Ministry of Transport and MAVCOM to demand that responsible action be taken and the klia2 fee collected all these years is returned to us. We demand justice for AirAsia passengers!