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Include what's in your tampons on the packaging

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I have never been concerned about what was in the tampons and sanitary pads I was using during my periods, until I found out that it is possible to catch a serious infection - Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSD) - just from using a tampon. I learned this from the story of Lauren Wasser, a model that has unfortunately lost her right leg because of this infection.

So I went and searched on the Tampax boxes in my house and in the supermarket, and it was impossible to find any information about what was in tampons. I wrote to Tampax on their Facebook page asking for an explanation, and all I got was silence.

Do they have something to hide about what is in their products? Are there any components there that are dangerous for women using their products?

After seeing the serious risks that users like me face when using these products, I am asking Procter&Gamble, the corporation that produces Tampax, to include what's in tampons in their packaging, so women can know what their tampons are made of.

The European Union obliges food and beauty companies to show exactly what is in their products in their packaging. It's time for the world leader in tampons to do the same. Or should we wait for other women to suffer the same fate as this American model? 

We have the right to be informed about the products we buy. We need to stop this secretiveness. Please help me by signing and sharing my petition! 

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