Save the TB Scott Mansion

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It has come to our attention that the TB Scott Mansion is in dire need of saving. Ascension is eager to tear down this beautiful old building to meet its agendas. With the building gone, the history of Merrill would be erased for generations to come. TB Scott was a pioneer of the lumber industry who built and has done many courageous things for Merrill's past. He's donated countless funds to fund our local library so people can have a place to read, learn and grow. He had also donated generously for the city to build and grow into what it is today. T.B Scott was the first mayor of Merrill and had spent 5 terms in office as State Senator. To let this beautiful house be torn down would be hurtful to so many who choose Merrill as its home. Once our history is gone, we will never get it back. Please honor TB Scott and all of the good he has done for the city by preserving and saving the TB Scott Mansion for all generations to see. Without this man, Merrill would have never grown into the great city it is today. Please help save the mansion and let's get it on the list of the historical sites so we can show our children the great things TB has done for us. Other than a few houses, this is the only significant landmark the city has.