Justice for Jayaraj (Age 59) and Fenix (Age 31) - Thoothukudi ‘custodial death’!!

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It was really heartbreaking to hear the news of the death of Jayaraj, a shopkeeper in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) and his son Fenix because of Police brutality. They have been abused, tortured, made naked and beaten to death.

Their family needs justice and all the cops involved in this should be punished severely for the duo's murder. This case should put an end to such brutality.

Cops are supposed to protect the public and news like these are making people lose hope not only on cops but on humanity.

Hope this is taken seriously and justice been brought. May Jayaraj and Fenix rest in peace.

Thoothukudi lockup murder? Rajmohan report - Rajmohan Sir from Put Chutney YouTube channel has clearly explained the whole situation. Kindly take a look.

Stay safe everyone.