31 January 2021
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Why this petition matters

One of the Government Aided autonomous  Minority educational institutions based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu,  named Loyola College located at Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -600034, was established in the year of 1925. A few years ago, this college was Re- Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade.  Now it is being alleged in the social media that they    illegally hold some temple lands as well as they had illegally occupied a large area of public water bodies and also poramboke land (i.e., public land belonging to the government) with the help of a few subversive and corrupt Tamil Nadu politicians belonging to the Dravidian  Parties.

This college run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), and directly owned by the Christian Missionaries from Rome, is affiliated to the University of Madras.

It is also widely alleged that Loyola College is a huge defaulter to the Corporation of Chennai, aggregating to nearly Rupees one crore.

This default had been accumulated over a period of several years. However, despite the over- dues,  the Corporation of Chennai had not taken any serious steps to collect these long pending/outstanding dues from Loyola College, just buckling under their undue immoral influence over the Corporation Authorities.

This particular issue and the duplicity of the authorities were brought to the notice and knowledge of the General Public by us through social media platforms.  After this matter created an uproar from the larger public, and after receiving their brickbats and harsh criticism, we understand that the Corporation authorities and the Loyola Administrators could not prolong the drama any longer; and Loyola Administrators were constrained to settle the overdue amount in arrears.  

We, the Tamil Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam  (which means  Tamil Nadu Progressive League)-- a duly registered  trust under the Government of Tamil Nadu--  had conducted an public awareness campaign on  the above matters, on 23.01.2021 at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai in order to contain the rumours, to sensitise the public and to draw the kind attention of all authorities concerned like the Loyola College Administration, Government of Tamil Nadu, the Department of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments  etc, to these issues. The General public   felt that it was necessary to compel Loyola College to disclose all the Land related documents publicly and openly.

Further on the basis of the decisions taken at the high level committee meeting of the Tamil Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam held on 26.01.2021, a public Lawyer Notice was issued by their learned counsel Dr. S K Saamy, over the social media, to bring this to the attention of all our communities living across the world.


This Public notice requested that the Loyola College Administration must come forward to publish in public domain, all the land documents held by them and to prove their legal tenability to continue their present possession of the land, without fail within a period of four weeks, from the date of issue of the Public Notice. If they failed to do so, it would be construed that their continuing to occupy the temple land and water bodies is probably illegal, with consequential legal implications and actions.

We had earlier made our sincere efforts to find the truth or otherwise of these allegations, by directly contacting the management of Loyola College, but were met with stony silence or general platitudes, without offering any concrete evidence.  Our investigations have revealed evidences of encroachment.


This has lead the common man to presume that these apprehensions may not be baseless.

After all, it is common belief that there is no smoke without fire, and more particularly so, in this Loyola College issue.

Through this petition, we, Tamil Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam, demand that the following issues be redressed with immediate effect.

1.    Loyola college administrators shall prove their title to the entire land in their possession as on date including the lease agreements and the expiry dates of the Leases.


2.    Loyola college administrators shall prove that they have cleared all their Government bills/ arrears to the Corporation of Chennai, TNEB, and Metro Water etc.

3.    Government of Tamil Nadu, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department should provide in the public domain the complete itemised details about how many Tamil Nadu temple lands were leased out to the other religious persons or groups or denominations, and in particular, the entire lease deed and other details of the temple lands  leased out, if any, to Loyola College.   


It was alleged in the social media that this college, being run on Hindu temple land, by a   Catholic Christian organization, is a massive overt and covert proselytising machinery of the Roman Catholic religion. In an event held some months back, in the garb of patronizing folk arts at the college Exhibition, the venerable Bharat Matha and Hindu women were allegedly denigrated.

This petition is another effort by Tamil Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam to get at the truth by requesting those members of the public to sign this petition, who are interested in protecting the lands belonging to the Hindu temples, by creating pressure on these type of organisations, who are factories of religious conversion, by brazenly exploiting Hindu resources, and covertly and overtly acting against Hindu people’s interests.

On Public Interest, this matter was taken up by the Tamil Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam and it has entrusted the job of gouging and revealing the truth to their learned Counsel

Dr. S K Saamy


No. 34, 1st Cross Street, Ganga Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai -600024

Contact: 9968441440, 7550015555

Email: -



The Principal,

Loyola College,



Copy to for information and necessary action by


1.    Honourable President of India, 

Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi.


2.    Honourable Prime Minister,

Government of India, New Delhi.


3.    Honourable Home Minister,

Government of India, New Delhi.


4.    Honourable Governor of Tamilnadu,

Raj Bhavan, Chennai.


5.    Honourable Chief Minister,

Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai


6.    Honourable HR & CE Minister, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai


7.    Honourable Finance Minister,

Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai


8.    Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai


9.    Revenue Secretary,   Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai


10.  Secretary, Department of Culture, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai

11. The Commissioner, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department,

Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai

12. Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai

13.  The office of the Prime Minister of India, 

Government of India, New Delhi.

14.  Chief Minister cell, Secretariat, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai

15.  Honourable Shri J.P.Nadda, President, BJP, New Delhi

16. Dr. L. MURUGAN, State President, BJP, Chennai.

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Signatures: 9,466Next Goal: 10,000
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