Change Vellore to Veloor/ Vaeloor!

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The Government of Tamilnadu ("Tamizhnadu") has recently changed the names of 1018 places in the state to match their Tamil pronounciation. As we welcome this change to add more authenticity to our state's rich heritage, we have found there is some gross misrepresentation, which is the subject of this petition. 

The English spelling for "Vellore city" has been changed to "Veeloor" in the aim of making it sound similar to the Tamil Pronounciation. 

The Tamil Pronounciation of Vellore (வேலூர்), sounds more accurate to the spelling suggested by the Vellore Collectorate - Veloor; whereas the expert committee overlooked this suggestion and named it as Veeloor. 

Etymology for Vellore: 

1. Velan trees (Babul) 

2. Vel-oor to pay homage to Lord Murugan who wields a spear (Town of spear) 

Neither of the etymologies have any phonetic similarities with the name the Tamilnadu government has suggested. 

Please sign this petition if you agree "Veeloor" should be renamed with either one of the phonetically more accurate names - "VELOOR" or "VAELOOR".