Stop Using barricades to reduce speed in highways

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I am starting this petition to improve the safety culture practiced across Tamil Nadu which in practical circumstances is very dangerous. I am referring to the barricades used as a speed breaker in the highways where a vehicle has to move left/right and then move in opposite direction three times to cross the barricade. Let me highlight the problems that ensue with this method.


1. Barricades without warning: On a multi-lane highway, the road becomes one lane. Many places there is no warning of such a barricade. You suddenly notice the vehicle heaving for no reason and then later realise it is a barricade. Or you are traveling on the fast lane (assuming it is right, most of the time it is the left lane) you see a barricade suddenly after a turn. The instinct is the change lanes, putting another vehicle in danger. The problem is more pronounced in 3 lane highways.

2. Barricades at night: This problem aggravates at night as the driver is taken by surprise due to lesser visibility.

3. Advertisement space in barricades:These barricades are used as a revenue generator, where they are covered with a plate to hold advertisements. This is a more serious hazard as the driver approaching the barricade has no idea about what is on the other side of the “purdah”. There could be people or vehicles crossing, but the highway rider is kept blind and kept guessing. The optimist thinks that there is no one on the other side and tries to minimise his braking, carrying good speed to to swing through the barricades. One of the consequences, I’ll explain later.

4. Unused barricades Unused barricades are kept parallel to the road on the left most and right most lanes, posing a danger to two wheelers.

 Some suggesstions

· Don’t see revenue generation over safety. Safety should be the upper priority.

· Ensure visibility is clear where you need to reduce speed

· Warning signs for speed reduction and upcoming barricades

· Remove barricades from the roads at night and while the barricades are the cause of a traffic jam (in cities)

· While removing barricades, ensure it not kept on the two wheeler lane. This is a severe danger for two wheelers, who have to move into other lanes posing danger to their lives in case of a larger/similar vehicle following behind in the left lane. Same applies to the barricades kept in the right lane.


The request is to rethink the way the speed is reduced in highways in Tamil Nadu. I would like to see safe roads in India.




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