Clean Tamil Nadu Roads, Streets, Water Bodies, Hill Stations from Plastic Garbage.

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State Highways, residential areas, industrial areas, water bodies (lakes,ponds,rivers,canals), hill stations are all filled with plastic garbage ( carry bags, polythene papers, pet bottles, industrial waste) flying and laying all around the state's environment; Tamil Nadu... It is shocking to see none of the departments related are to take strict actions against littering nor really work to keep the environment clean to safe guard nature from various pollution.

Plastic carry bags are given in every shops to customers freely later which is not handled  properly by municipal / corporation authorities while collecting them as waste. Where it is let free on roads and streets flying all around especially throughout highways and water body. Further industrial waste materials, construction waste, medical waste and all other plastic waste, etc... are freely dumped and let free on road sides and water bodies etc... causing various pollution/infection/disease.

We request Department of Environment, Pollution Control Board and State Highways Department and other related departments to strictly take actions to curb supply of plastic carry bags that degrades environment and take necessary steps so that we get bio friendly products in shops / markets and garbage are not dumped in throughout highways, water bodies etc... It is not a problem of a state but to keep country clean from plastic waste and all other waste that do not decompose and causes environment degradation,various pollution/infection/disease which is hazardous for humanity and other life (animals,birds, plants...).

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