Dog The Bounty Hunter & Beth fight crime, cancer & now we want to see a new tv show!

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Dog The Bounty Hunter reality tv show on A&E started in 2004 and I want to bring this family back with a new reality tv show. It’s been a few years since they went off the air and I know there are a lot of fans including myself who would love to see the next chapter in their lives. They are the real in reality tv and bring a lot to show their fans! They fight for what they believe in, faith, love, compassion, commitment, family and friends plus, a lot more! They have away of connecting with all walks of life as well as fighting and beating cancer! I’m a survivor myself but I have been sick off and on all of my life. I am alive today because of the miracles God gave me along with the support of my family and friends! Life isn’t fair and in the blink of an eye someone’s world can be turned upside down when being diagnosed with cancer. Because of my illnesses I have had a lot of down time and Dog The Bounty Hunter was one of my shows I would watch over and over! I still watch it today. This family can bring a lot to the many fans who love them so please sign and say yes to bring them back with a new reality show!