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Hi everyone, due to the second day of the month of June, being pride month i felt It just to make a petition about Tony McDade. Tony McDade was a transgender Black man that was brutally murdered by a Tallahassee police officer on Wednesday, May 27th. This petition is calling for and DEMANDS the release of the officer/ murderer’s name to the public, and for them to receive the highest amount of consequence. We have to say their name too and come together for Black lives will not receive retribution until ALL Black lives do. Transgender people of color and Black people have been oppressed and separated from the Black community as a separate entity for being true to themselves and living their true life. If the Transgender community is not heard, they will continue to be oppressed at the hands of the police and our own community. We MUST not let this happen. Please share this petition as much as you can to get Tony McDade’s name into the list of Black people that have been murdered by police, and burn into their heads that Tony had a soul and a future that was taken away from them. We need to SAY THEIR NAME TOO. Please contact the Chief of police Lawrence Revell and Tallahassee police department (850-891-4200)and make It known that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.