Petitioning City Manager for the City of Takoma Park Suzie Ludlow and 7 others

Create a fenced, off-leash dog park in Takoma Park!

Any person with a canine companion knows that dogs are emotional creatures. And while walks on leash help a dog and its human get some exercise, being off-leash, socializing with other dogs, and the human-to-human companionship of a dog park improves dog and human interactions. Dogs (and their humans) that are well socialized are friendlier, better behaved, and healthier!

A dog park in Takoma Park would improve the City substantially for dog people and everyone else. People who do not own dogs will find lower incidence of dogs off leash when owners have a place to take their dogs for off-leash activities.

This petition was delivered to:
  • City Manager for the City of Takoma Park
    Suzie Ludlow
  • Mayor
    Kate Stewart
  • Ward 1 City Council Member
    Peter Kovar
  • Ward 2 City Council Member
    Tim Male
  • Ward 3 City Council Member
    Rizzy Qureshi
  • Ward 4 City Council Member
    Terry Seamens
  • Ward 5 City Council Member
    Jarrett Smith
  • Ward 6 City Council Member
    Fred Schultz

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