Taking pictures left-handed

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People with disabilities that affect their right arm and hand are currently excluded from taking photographs
, whether for work or passion, as all photographic equipment on the market is designed only for righties.

No major camera manufacturer has ever thought to cover this gap in the market, neither for professional cameras nor personal compact cameras. What’s worse is that there is not even a camera with a bracket that would allow left-handed access to the shutter button and mode dial to control settings easily.

I improvised my own bracket, but unfortunately it still remains impossible to control the exposure and focus. I’m doing all of this to help my partner, who was incapacitated on her right side due a stroke, to continue to pursue her passion for photography, particularly of sailing regattas. You can see her work at www.forevelspezia.it

I would like the big manufacturers of cameras - Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus - to answer this petition, in the hope that they can find an adequate solution to this challenge.