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Take Two Interactive and 2k Sports: Give Public Apology and customers some type of reimbursement for NBA 2k14 issues.

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NBA 2k14 on the Xbox One, 360, PS3 and PS4 respectively have had numerous issues and bugs since it's release. Take Two decided to withhold information regarding online leagues, knowing they were in no shape to be played. Instead of being up front with customers, they decided to omit any information about Online Leagues prior to the game's release.

Another issue at hand is the online servers and it's inconsistency. For years we have dealt with these same issues in regards to 2k Sports. Year after year they rake in more and more profits and instead of their negatives improving, it's actually getting worse and the customer service is at an all time low. I've watched their PR team outright ignore angry consumers, delete comments on facebook and block users on twitter who had general concerns and were upset with the product at hand.


I feel as though there should be some type of compensation for those who have purchased the game with all of the issues at hand. I don't think it's fair to the consumer to demand said price for a game and while they are all paying in full, the consumer isn't receiving the full game or at least not without a slew of glitches and bugs. It's ridiculous that Better Business Bureau reports are going unanswered and this company acts as if there aren't a ton of unhappy customers. As a long time fan and supporter it's really a let down that this company has gotten this arrogant to the point they feel they don't owe paying customers any explanation or apologies.


I want a public response from Take Two and 2K, as well as a way they will apologize and make it up to the fans for the numerous glitches, bugs, online server instability that has rendered the game almost unplayable aside from quick game for 4 days, as well as omitting information regarding online leagues knowing it would have swayed some customers away from purchasing said product. If you agree sign this petition and get this noticed!


Known Issues:

Loss of purchased and earned VC also known as Virtual Currency

Corrupted save files for MyGM and MyCareer, where said VC was used.

Servers instability (Users not being able to play anything other than quick game unless they created an entirely new myGM save for offline). The servers have also been down for 4 days at the time of writing this. For a game that practically always online, it's unacceptable.

Online Leagues: Multiple Issues

After patch, when you proceed to start a league it will crash and send every user back to the dashboard each and everytime

Trades are nonexistent, When a trade is completed said players are placed on the IR list to which rotations aren't made available to edit to remove them from the Injury Reserve list.

No settings menu or gameplay sliders available to even playing field and allow users to fine tune the game to their liking. Also a part of this is the inability to modify quarter length.


The league itself, what it was/is on the Xbox 360/PS3 to what it is on Xbox One and PS4 is totally different and the mode is barely playable with what the players goals are. I feel 2k took advantage of the consumer's trust in this area knowing plenty of fans were dedicated league players. Given the news of what this mode was going into this next generation there's a lot of people who would have passed on purchasing.



After patch MyGM will no longer allow you to modify contract offers to Free Agents, which makes us that much more dependent on buying and using more Virtual Currency (VC)

After completing a playoff series the game will fail to simulate the rest of said round to proceed to the rest of the playoffs, leaving the mode unplayable and user has no other choice but to start over from scratch after buying and using VC to build his team to his liking.


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