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Take the Pledge: Join the Bluefin Boycott

Right now, Atlantic bluefin tuna are being pushed to the brink of extinction. These magnificent fish, famous for their size and speed, are being severely overfished -- in fact, the Atlantic bluefin tuna population has been reduced by more than 80 percent since industrial fishing practices began. Curbing your appetite for bluefin tuna could save them!

Please sign our pledge today to boycott bluefin tuna sushi and restaurants that serve it, and then share this with your friends.


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Bluefin brigade
Bluefin tuna, one of the world's most remarkable ocean creatures renowned for its strength and speed, is in trouble and needs our help. Overfishing is driving this magnificent fish toward the brink of extinction, yet many sushi restaurants continue to serve it. To save the species, I am joining the Center for Biological Diversity in not eating bluefin tuna and boycotting restaurants that sell bluefin. Together, we can raise awareness about the fish's plight and help shut down consumer demand for this critically imperiled fish.

I pledge to stem the consumer demand for bluefin tuna by:
-- not eating bluefin tuna;
-- boycotting any restaurant that serves bluefin tuna.

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