Take the badge of the officer who abused K9, Zuul

Take the badge of the officer who abused K9, Zuul

March 4, 2021
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Mayor of Salisbury, NC Karen Alexander
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Why this petition matters

Started by Taylor Jesch

A recent video surfaced of a police K9, 4 year old Zuul, working for the Salisbury PD being abused by an unnamed officer. There is absolutely no context needed for anyone to clearly see the abuse this dog is being forced to take at the hands of the K9's partner.

In the recording, you can see the dog jump out of the police vehicle attempting to follow his partner and immediately goes into a down stay when the officer yells at him. In the video, you can hear a voice say "We're good, no witnesses." Before the following ensues.

The officer then walks toward the dog and wrestles him into a leash. He then uses the leash to forcefully lift him off the ground and sling him over his back, hanging him by his collar, before walking towards the police vehicle. 

The next part is a quote from the New York Times:

"The officer slams the dog against the side of the car before pushing him inside. He yells “Stay!” before raising his hand and striking the dog.

“Is your camera on?” a second off-camera voice asks.

“Ah, no, my power’s off,” the person who appears to be recording says."

The dog is continuing to work with this police department, although the unnamed officer will no longer be working with Zuul. 

It is very clear by the conversation heard in the background that there are other members of the police department who are in on the abuse. This is not an isolated incident given how nonchalant the bystanders are and how fast the officer was to abuse Zuul

If this is how the Salisbury police department treats their own K9 partners, how do they treat their suspects when there are no witnesses?

Take these monsters' badges away and stop them from hurting any dogs, people, and whoever else has been/will be a victim to their hands. These officers are not protecting and serving anyone.

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Signatures: 127,403Next Goal: 150,000
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