Take preventive action on Coronavirus

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The new coronavirus Covid-19 has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation, as the outbreak continues to spread around the world and now in the UK. I think it’s time that the Government took some precautionary measures to help reduce the risks of the virus spreading in the UK. 

I am a regular tube commuter into London City for work. Like hundreds of thousands of you who commute into big cities, I’m concerned that the virus could spread during my commute. So while the world figures out either a vaccine or cure, I am calling for preventative measures in the UK - such as working from home and wearing masks on public transport.

There are many firms – small, medium and big – whose employees have a provision of working from home. The request from this petition is that the combined force of the Government and the NHS make businesses aware that until a global solution is found to this new strain of coronavirus, where possible, they should remove the need for their employees to travel into big cities. This is one way to take an advanced precaution so as to bring down the human-to-human spread of the coronavirus.

Please sign this petition to take this precautionary action; it is all about your health and your family's and nothing is more important than that, you would agree. So, kindly wake up and help bring this to the Government's notice by signing this petition.Thank you!