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Duck Dynasty is an offensive and egregious show that encourages and glamorizes violence toward wildlife.  

On a recent episode, a den of beavers (including new babies) were blown to smitherines as the cast laughed uproariously.   They are teaching youthful viewers that non-human animals have no value; they use animals for recreational killing, and 'entertainment' while animals die in earnest.

Suspending Phil Robertson for his insulting remarks against the gay community is not enough -- the whole show is a embarassing display of redneck ignorance, and twisted values.  

Let's not waste airtime glorifying brute force, and cruelty, making psuedo stars of those who do not respect human diversity or the sanctity of nature and woodland creatures.  

Just look who has come forward to defend Phil Robertson....none other than jaw-dropping mean Sarah Palin, AKA 'Cruella de Palin'!    

Letter to
CEO A&E Network Abbe Raven
Take Offensive "Duck Dynasty" Off the Air!