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Because for more than a decade John and Ken, of "The John and Ken Show," on Clear Channel's KFI AM640, have been insulting and attacking anyone who does not agree with them; because these traffickers of hate speech have been terrorizing Los Angeles’ Latino, Asian American, African American, Jewish, and LGBT communities, creating an atmosphere of hate and intolerance and legitimizing intolerance and discrimination against members of these groups; because John and Ken habitually use unsubstantiated claims, divisive language, flawed argumentation and dehumanizing metaphors to shock and anger their audience; we the undersigned want you to take them off the air.

Because unless we pressure Clear Channel, they will continue to traffic hate on our public airwaves. 

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Letter to
CEO Clear Channel Robert Pittman
Assistant to John Hogan Sandy
Chairman Clear Channel Mark Mays
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President & CEO, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment John Hogan
For years John and Ken have terrorized and targeted Los Angeles communities, creating an atmosphere of hate, intolerance and legitimizing hateful attitudes, discrimination, and -at times- violence against members of these groups.

Most recently, John and Ken have used racially-charged comments against Asian Americans, specifically Koreans and Korean Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and the Black community when they called Whitney Houston a “crack ho” only three days after her death. John and Ken have also been known to make denigrating statements against the LGBT community, poor children, and, have even opposed cancer research. John and Ken are also known for inciting their audience to harass individuals that disagree with their viewpoints.

While we were happy to see John and Ken temporarily suspended for making the Whitney Houston comment--how many times do John and Ken get to spew their hate, apologize and then do it again? It is time for Clear Channel Radio to act responsibly and take John and Ken off the air PERMANENTLY.

As a broadcaster, KFI AM, and its parent company CLEAR CHANNEL, have a duty to serve the public interest. And while we respect the right of all speakers to voice differences of opinion, the actions of John and Ken have gone way beyond mere disagreement and hyperbole.

The undersigned call on you to hold John and Ken accountable for their misdeeds. We expect that as responsible corporate citizens you will do the right thing and remove this vitriolic duo from your airwaves.

[CC: Mark Mays, Chairman; Robert Pittman, CEO Clear Channel; Sandy M., Executive Assistant to John Hogan]


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