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Take immediate action against the authorities at Government Hospital, Jharkhand for my nephew's death #stillbirth #medicalnegligence


On 12th November 2013 I lost my nephew, who was stillborn due to medical negligence at the Sub divisional Hospital at Madhupur, in Deoghar District.

My sister-in-law was in labour, when we went to the Sub divisional hospital there was no doctor to be found, neither was there any help available.

We waited for 3 hours for the doctor who did not show up, her pain was intolerable when we decided to go to a local private clinic, where she delivered a stillborn male infant, after much difficulty. 

If the ambulance to assist pregnant women at time of delivery had been sent on time and doctors at the Sub Divisional Hospital were available our nephew would’ve been alive. On Childrens day (14th November) we sent a complaint to the Sub Divisional Officer and the District Collector as well but no action has been taken yet against those responsible for my family’s loss.

That’s why I started a petiton on asking the District Magistrate of Deogarh, Mr. Rahul Pawar to take immediate action against the authorities at the Sub Divisional Hospital, Madhupur, so that such cases are not repeated in Deogarh, Jharkhand. - this would be justice for my nephew's death.

In order to get justice we would need as much support as we can get to ensure that the District Magistrate is listening and takes immediate action.

India has the highest number of new born infant deaths in the world. Media suggests that new born infant death's due to medical negligence is a major issue in many parts of our country and has affected thousands of people. Ambualnces are not sent on time, lack of doctors and medical facilities are faced by many people in other areas.

Watch the video that Video Volunteers Community Correspondent Mukesh Rajak has made (despite facing threats) and  help me fight this issue in my area signing my petition.

This petition was delivered to:
  • District Magistrate, Deogarh
    Mr. Rahul Purwar
  • Sub Divisional Officer, Madhupur
    Mr. Nand Kumar Lal
  • Civil surgeon, Madhupur
    Dr. Diwakar Kamat

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