Reasons Why SC Felony DUI Offenders Should Be Taken Off The Violent Crimes List

Reasons Why SC Felony DUI Offenders Should Be Taken Off The Violent Crimes List

February 3, 2022
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Started by Donna Jarrell


Reasons Why Felony DUI Offenders Should Be Taken Off Violent Crimes List

1.     Felony DUI: Legal Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Legal Prescriptions (labeled Do     Not Drive)

a.  Violent Crimes List (Extreme Drug Crimes) 85%/No Work Behavior Credits/No Parole

b.  Proposed Reform: Make it Non-Violent 65%/Get Work Behavior Credits/51%/Parole

c.  For intoxication .08 BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) is same in all states  

d.  THC levels for Marijuana: Some states have 4.0 threshold / SC is 1.0 for impairment.

e.  Catherine (SCDC Inmate) Legal Prescriptions- 21yrs (85%) Violent Criminal

2.  SC Be Consistent with lower max sentences in our 4th Circuit Jurisdiction & Non-violent

          a.  Maryland (5 yrs); Virginia (10 yrs); West Virginia (15 yrs); North Carolina (17 yrs)

          b.  Felony DUI gets Parole & Non-Violent in sister states; 51% of lower Max Sentences

          c.  South Carolina (max 25 yrs); Violent serving 85% of 25 yrs is 21.25 yrs

          d.  Offenders in 4th Circuit serve no more than 8.5 yrs vs SC with 21.25 yrs

3.     SC Be Consistent with sentencing in Southeastern States

a.     Offenders Serve No More Than Kentucky & Maryland 2.5yr; Virginia & Alabama 5yr; Louisiana 7yr; Georgia & West Virginia 7.5yr; North Carolina 8.5yr; Mississippi 12.5yr; Florida 12.75yr; Tennessee 15yr; and South Carolina 21.25yr.

b.    All are nonviolent except SC & Florida and serve over half (51%) of their max sentences with Good Behavior/Work Credits & Parole.

c.     SC offenders are violent serving 85% of max 25yr which is 21.25yr, the longest & harshest sentencing of Southeastern states

d.    Florida offenders are violent BUT serve 85% of lower max 15yr which is 12.75yr, quite a discrepancy from SC.

e.     Kentucky & Maryland offenders serve the shortest sentencing of 2.5yr.


4.     "DUI: A Crime of Violence? The Supreme Court Gets It Right."

a.     The court said, "a crime of violence" required "a higher mental state than the merely accidental or negligent conduct involved in a DUI offense."

b.    The requirement of "the use of physical force against" a person necessarily involves the intent to use that force. How can you be accidentally violent? You Cannot!

5.    8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo Spoke at Senate Corrections Penology (2019):

 a.  “Felony DUI group is the only group from Violent Crimes List that stands out that he   would include for reform and early release. Not violent people. No threat to public.” 

b.  “They have no criminal motive or intent in a car accident to hurt anyone."

6.   SCDC Director Bryan Stirling Spoke at House Legislative Oversight Committee (2019)

     a.   "Felony DUI inmates have no pattern of criminality."

     b.   "They have not come in with any other crimes other than DUI."

     c.   “They are placed in level 3 prisons with gangs and armed robbers."

     d.   "They cause no trouble. When leaving prison, Felony DUI don’t come back."

7.  Felony DUI are NOT Violent Criminals: Same Car Accident non-violent & violent criminal

     a.  Felony DUI Bodily Injury non-violent 15yrs/51%; Felony DUI Death violent 25yrs/85%

    b.  Can be sentenced to more years than a person who intentionally shoots someone.

     c.  Violent criminals attack/kill intentionally by raping/stabbing/shooting.

     d.  Punishment of 25 yrs does not fit the crime for an unintentional car accident.

     e.  Take off violent crimes list, Highest Level A Category, incorrect stigma upon release.


8.  SC: Ranks #3 in the nation in DUI Deaths (Forbes Study)

     a.   SC harsh sentencing penalties has failed to deter DUI deaths: Need to strengthen current DUI laws.

     b.   Penalties never prevent a crime in which a person has “no intent” to commit crime.

9.  Alcohol Drinking, Drugged, Texting on phone & Reckless Behaviors While Driving

    a.   All have car accident victims: All called “Distracted Driving” by NHTSA.

     b.  Texting Drivers: 6X more likely to get in an accident than intoxicated drivers.

     c.  Intoxicated mind inhibits wise choices vs “sober” texting mind knows dangers.

     d.  All swerve, run a red light or backend a vehicle killing a victim.

     e.  All have No Criminal Motive to hurt anyone but there is SAME loss of life.

     f.  Minor penalty texter/reckless driver vs Max 25 yrs 85% drunk/drugged driver

10.  Vast Sentencing Discrepancies for SC Felony DUI

     a.  7 Harsh SC Counties: Organizations push for 25yr Max/other counties vary 0 to 25yrs

     b.  Casie (SCDC inmate)- 23 yrs w/ no previous record; Judge allowed No plea deal; 6 months later same county, same courtroom, woman got 5yrs Felony DUI.

11.  Current History of SC DUI Reform

      a.  Senator Brian Adams and Senator Tom Davis are drafting a DUI Reform Bill.

      b.  This will strengthen current DUI laws on front end to lower DUI deaths.

      c.  Be more consistent with the other Southeastern States. (See attached table)

12.  SC Felony DUI Punishments After Prison Release

     a.  Longer Sentencing- less likely to bounce back, rehabilitate or successful reentry.

     b.  Cannot drive 5yrs unless they pay for ADSAP and interlocks upon release to drive.

     c.  Payback Court fees thousands of dollars/parole officer fees

     d.  Felons cannot hunt or own a gun/cannot vote/limited travel.

13.  Alcohol Use Disorder Research

     a.   Serious Medical Condition: brain disorder / chemical imbalance

     b.   Alcohol: Classified as a Depressant "Drug" slowing down brain functioning

     c.   Affects every age, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

     d.   Can happen to anybody: grandma, son, daughter, you, or your spouse.

     e.   "But by the Grace of God" many people say, "It could have happened to me."


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