Take down Dragod's Youtube channel!

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Dragod is a Roblox and an Overwatch Youtuber, who makes clickbait videos, lies about ROBLOX Jailbreak, and shows how to get "free" robux. Younger audiences can find in his scams some "truth" and it could lead them into trouble or even get his account banned or locked up. He lies about events on ROBLOX what even don't make sense, he gives out false information and does Youtube just for money. He is basically stealing money. He puts no effort into his videos, lies in his videos and fills the entire video with ads. He is doing fake giveaways to boost his channel. How do I know it's fake? Noone has EVER won his giveaway. That means that he just wants to have money and does not care about his content.

I could give you alot of examples, but just look at his channel:

Here is what the Youtube guidelines say about clickbait:

With your help, we can raise awareness of this clickbaiting, maybe even make a new era for Youtube and put an end to clickbaiting! Sign this petition now to make the community a better place for everyone. 



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