Take down anti-bird netting that’s killing kittiwakes

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The black-legged kittiwake is a small, graceful seabird which is facing a high risk of extinction. We should be doing everything we can to protect this gentle animal, but instead anti-bird netting is trapping the endangered birds and their young, making them die from exhaustion and starvation.  

I’m urgently calling on Newcastle City Council and Premier Inn to take down their netting from their Newcastle Quayside buildings. They say they are designed to deter the kittiwakes from nesting, but they are frequently being entangled and  suffering slow painful deaths.

Kittiwake chicks, flying for the first time, are particularly vulnerable. They are getting trapped and killed at a faster rate than emergency teams can rescue them. 

Their numbers are in rapid decline globally and in particular in the UK.  They are a rare, special and endangered bird, yet they are being needlessly and painfully killed - and it will keep happening unless we can make them completely remove the netting.

Please sign my petition now to get Premier Inn and Newcastle City Council to remove the nets before any more kittiwakes are trapped and killed.