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Hoffa and Hall have forced concessions on 300,000 Teamsters, even at employers like UPS that are making billions. We say NO to concessions and weak leadership and YES to taking back our union.

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Corporate America is trying to destroy good jobs with union benefits and living wages.

James P. Hoffa and Ken Hall don’t know how to stand up to employers or stop concessions. So they are coming down on working Teamsters instead. 

In the last year alone, Hoffa and Hall have forced through concessions on 300,000 Teamsters who work under national contracts, even after members voted no against these givebacks.  

Their weak leadership is a threat to 1.25 million Teamsters and our families.

On April 25, James P. Hoffa and Ken Hall implemented the UPS contract and imposed concessions on 13,000 UPS Teamsters even though they had overwhelmingly Voted No to reject their contract supplements.   

In Louisville, Hoffa and Hall overrode a 94 percent No vote by the members.  They did the same thing in Philadelphia and Western Pa. and imposed contract supplements that had been rejected by an overwhelming majority of members in democratic votes.

Teamster members are uniting for good full-time jobs with secure benefits and living wages. We say No to Hoffa, Hall and contract concessions that destroy good jobs. We say yes to rebuilding Teamster Power and taking back our union.

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