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Take an Urgent Action to Help Mother Pigs!

Right now in Canada, more than one million pregnant pigs are locked in cages barley larger than their own bodies. Known as gestation crates, each one of these cages confines a mother pig so tightly that she can’t even turn around for almost her entire life. But now we have a chance to change that.

Tell the National Farm Animal Care Council that you don’t agree with locking up animals so tightly they can’t even turn around.

A recently released draft Code of Practice for the pig industry recommends huge improvements for the welfare of the animals raised in the pork industry. But the new Code also has a huge loophole which will allow these intelligent, sensitive creatures to be locked in tiny crates for up to five weeks at a time every few months – almost a third of their pregnancies spent in intensive confinement.

This is our chance to make a difference for these animals! 

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