End Online Hate Speech

End Online Hate Speech

June 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joyce Faluyi

We can't continue to ignore cyber bullying.

Increased use of social media by many has led to an increase in hate speech online. As a result, social media is becoming more toxic for everyone. Youths, immigrants within a country, women, marginalized communities, and other individuals who are vulnerable to hate are mostly targeted by hate speech online. People who experience hate speech are usually traumatized and left with other lasting serious mental health effects, including suicide. We continue to see a link between hate crimes offline rooted from hateful comments and posts online.

Why do we continue to ignore cyber hate speech?

We have taken action nationally and globally to fight against bullying at schools, homes, at workplaces, and public bullying. When will we take action to break the continuous chain of cyber bullying and hate speech online? By not taking drastic action, policy makers and social media platforms are encouraging hate speech online and hate crimes offline. 

We need laws, we need restrictions, we need social media platforms to develop tools to filter and reject hate comments and posts online. We need embedded tools to encourage mindfulness of our online behaviours and keep everyone safe from threats, hurt, harm, and death.

Ever wondered how you can make a difference towards ending hate speech? Let’s begin online! 

Participate in this petition by doing any of the following:

  1. Sign this petition
  2. Use our hashtags #TSK #ThinkKindSpeakKind to disapprove of hate comments that you find on social media.
  3. Share/repost our campaign website, and posts - tag us @activeleadersoflove.
  4. Volunteer to share your comments with us to be published on our social media. 
  5. Pledge to always speak kind!

Visit our website to learn more about this petition: www.activeleadersoflove.me/thinkkind 

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Signatures: 15Next Goal: 25
Support now