Take Action: Save Vaquitas!

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Vaquita are the most endangered marine mammal with only 53 left.

If action is not taken, this beautiful porpoise species may go extinct by 2020. What can we do to protect the vaquita? If their population is so limited, is it even possible to save them? Well, it's quite possible. I've listed the actions here, so you can decide if it's possible:

  • Better enforcement for the gillnet ban in the Sea of Cortez. We know this is possible because the gillnet exclusion zone from before it was fully banned was well monitored, and that was half the range - doubling efforts seems like a lot, but it's quite possible.
  • The removal of all lost or abandoned gillnets, which continue to entangle animals.
  • The creation of a research program to learn more about the vaquita and how to protect it.
  • The help of airlines to check for totoaba smuggling.

China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment to find and shut down totoaba markets.

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