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Take Action on International Women's Day to End War and Support Women Peace-Makers


March 8th is International Women's Day and an opportunity to highlight the ongoing human rights struggles of women around the world, as well as the amazing work women activists are doing to build more just and peaceful societies.

We hope you'll join CODEPINK and Global Room for Women for the upcoming teleconference series, "With Love from the Middle East: Meet the Women Building Peace." Discover for yourself what is unfolding in the Middle East by listening to four engaging women from Gaza, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iraq speak about their challenges and victories.

We must do our part here at home to support these women's efforts for peace and justice. Please join us in petitioning our Representatives in Congress to vote NO on any further war funding appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan, whether they are voting in the FY2011 budget or in "supplemental" bills.

Letter to
The U.S. House of Representatives
Dear Representative,

Our domestic economy has been ravaged by nearly a decade of wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and escalating military involvement in Pakistan. In recent years, our country has faced its worst economic crisis in decades. We cannot afford to fight these wars when our libraries are closing or reducing their hours, our schools are furloughing students, and our infrastructure is in great need of improvement. Funding for war has created a financial drain that this congressional district and this nation cannot, and should not, pay any longer.

Our wars not only impoverish our nation, but threaten the well-being of those who see our tax dollars turned into military aid to prop up unpopular regimes in their countries. The U.S. government gave over a billion in military aid to Mubarak's recently ousted regime in Egypt for many years inevitably create instability at home and abroad. And we continue to fund the Israeli military to the tune of billions each year.

I urge you, as my district's Representative, to vote NO on any further war funding appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan, whether in the FY2011 budget or in "supplemental" bills, in order to redirect this nation‘s resources toward improving our education system, infrastructure, and health care programs. I also urge you to see through the "Israel as stabilizer" myth that pervades our Middle East policy and move to cut military aid to that country.

It’s time to end these unwinnable, unjustifiable wars and bring our war dollars home to tackle the most strategic task for our national security, rebuilding America.


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