The American Petroleum Institute is at it again.

Jack Gerard, API President and CEO, sent Capitol Hill staffers a fact-twisting email claiming that a recent EDF-coordinated University of Texas methane emissions study "proves" that "hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment." This is a lie and complete misuse of the facts. The study found several problems, ones that can spell big trouble for the climate if ignored. And the few improvements the study notes are a direct result of EPA regulations that API actively lobbied against! Take Action: Don't let API get away with spreading malicious falsehoods.

Letter to
Jack Gerard, President & CEO, American Petroleum Institute
I was appalled to hear of your recent email to Capitol Hill, which blatantly distorted facts from the recent University of Texas methane emissions study. I am writing today to ask that you rescind your comments. You simply cherry-picked from the study and twisted its actual findings beyond all recognition. You failed to mention that the one area where methane pollution was found to be lower than previously estimated was a direct result of EPA-imposed rules on natural gas production rules that API heavily lobbied against to weaken!

At the same time, your email blatantly ignored parts of the study that found higher-than-previously-estimated methane emissions. What the study REALLY makes clear is that we face a very serious problem and there is much more work to do. We need to extend EPA's rules to all wells not currently covered, and write new rules to measure and reduce emissions resulting from valves, leaks, pumps, and other similar equipment. Your misguided attempt to twist the science to support your agenda is irresponsible and misleading to the public. I hope that you will abandon this approach, and issue a correction immediately.

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