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Take Action Against AFA

In respond to AFA's boycott of Campbells and Pepsi, as well as Hallmarks, we shall band together and send in as many cans and cards as possible to AFA. Not only would we be giving Campbells, Pepsi, Hallmarks and any other pro-gay company some extra profit, we will also show AFA that we are sick of their homophobic ways.

So, on the Day of Silence, send out the cans and cards to:
American Family Association
P.O. Drawer 2440
Tupelo, MS 38803

Note: Make sure you write who it is coming from or add a message in the cards.


"Because we care.
      The students/members of [insert school/groups/club name(s) here]"

"Please send to homeless shelter,
With love,
       [Insert name(s) here]"

Yes, the cans and cards will end up there at different times depending on the distance these items will have to travel.

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