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Take a stand against the promotion of rape culture and the objectification of women!!! Shut down the "itsguycode" website!!

This website is extremely degrading and offensive. It is written from an "enemy" perspective, and illluminates the true feelings of hatred toward women that the writer possesses, despite the fact that most of the articles center around strategies to fulfill the one and only goal of "getting laid."  There is something to be said about someone who seeks to have sexual relations with women while simultaneously harboring feelings of loathing and hatred for them.  This is sick and dangerous territory.  It supports and promotes rape culture, legitimizes sexual assault and violence against women, and needs to be completely shut down.  This is a sick and disgusting display of narcissistic, misogyny.  It is inappropriate and unacceptable. 

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Please Shut down the "" website

It is a disgusting, filthy and offensive sight that degrades women , and dehumanizes them. It promotes rape culture, legitimizes sexual assault, and the undertones of hatred and the loathing of women is apparent in the tone. It is hateful, psychotic and a danger to the safety of women. It should not be supported or promoted, as it is completely inappropriate, and if left up for others to view, then it will be understood as acceptable behavior. Unless you condone rape, sexual assault and violence against women, we encourage you to shut down this misogynistic psycho-site, as it is written by a sexual deviant who is dangerously twisted, and an obvious threat to any unfortunate woman who may encounter him. It is harmful to women and the movement to end violence against women, and this sick view and treatment of women should be opposed by all members of society.


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