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Take A Stand Against Big Banks & Corporate Greed

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Last week, we sent a letter to the Obama pay czar, signed by over 11,000 taxpayers. We told him to stop payment on Ken Lewis' $53.3 million bailout. But it's not just Ken Lewis getting rich with our money.

The papers are all leading today with headlines about America's banks on track to earn record profits and pay out record amounts of bonuses to their top brass. America is still reeling from the financial crisis, but it's business as usual on Wall Street.

Next weekend, thousands of taxpayers are going to confront big banks and hold them accountable to us - will you demand they meet with us?

The arrogance of these banks is unbelievable. They took trillions of our hard-earned tax dollars through bailouts. And now they're playing with it like it's Monopoly money; paying out huge bonuses and lobbying against financial reform.

Since the beginning of 2009, JPMorgan Chase has already paid out $21.8 billion in bonuses. That's a new record. Bank of America's compensation payouts are expected to hit $30 billion - up 64% from last year.

We're going to Chicago to confront the bankers at their annual conference on October 25-27th and we need every taxpayer supporting us. Click here to demand a meeting with the big banks:

There's no disputing it: these CEOs didn't learn their lesson from the financial crisis they caused. I guess we're going to have to teach it to them. Click here to stand with taxpayers and against big bank greed.

Source: SEIU (Service Employees International Union)

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