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Raise animal awareness and animal right

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TAIWAN- How much longer will we have to tolerate this?
Raise animal awareness and animal rights!
For a long time Taiwan has not been taking care of our four legged friends. No legislation to control the crowded puppy mills, freely selling animals on the markets. There is no resolution to keep people from dumping their pets. There is no heart and soul to protect stray animals. Their life is in danger and they will suffer unnecessarily without any protections.
Stray animals should be captured in a human, safe way and neutered or spayed. As resources, the council of agriculture hires sanitation person who has no any experience or a training lesson to seize animals.
應以人道的方式捕捉流浪動物並絕育.根據消息,農委會請沒有任何經驗, 以及沒有訓練的清潔人員去捕捉動物
More cruelty way seize animal here video
For century, farmers have been used steel-jawed leg-hold traps to catch animals and those traps are all rusty. Most of stray dogs have been severely injured without any help.
多少世紀以來 農夫依然用捕夾器捕捉動物 多半流浪狗為了尋食 而慘遭嚴重斷肢 農委會對這些動物傷害 不聞不問
Shelters are present filthy, animals neglected and mistreated by workers.
More horrible mistreated by the shelter worker here!/photo.php?v=349519435076299 A dog got bitten with constant bleeding, not only the shelter worker not to separate them and pull that injured dog out, but flush the floor with water. As you can see, the blood all over.
At the end of the year, shelters massacre their animals to avoid overcrowding; those shelters are like death row.
Puppy mills, breeding animals has been cruelty mistreated in filthy, crowded and over fertility condition. After the fertility wanes, they’re either dumped on the street or in the shelter. The volume can be high as 64 in one puppy mill.
繁殖場,繁殖場的種公種母被殘酷的虐待,過度生育和擁擠的情況。沒有生育力的狗,他們不是被丟棄在大街上或動物收容所。僅一間繁殖場被丟棄數量高達 64隻。
The Government has blamed ordinary people to feed the strays. 政府指責老百姓餵食流浪狗。
The Government has lied about a 50% adoption increased, according to a trusted source, there are 10 thousand animals in shelters and only 2 % of them get adopted.
根據可靠來源的提供,收容所內的10萬隻流浪動物,其中只有2%獲得認養。 並非政府所告知認養率增加為50%。
The Government has lied about the way the animals has been euthanized; some animals struggling and suffering for 6 hours after the injection.
As animal advocators, we urge Taiwan government to yield a strict legitimate animal protection that deprive from farming/ agriculture legislation: a human way to equitize the sick and unwanted animals, for people who dump their pets should get fine, stop inhumane animal trapping and stop puppy mills.
身為動物的提倡者,我們敦促台灣當局應嚴格成立獨立動保法,以人道的方式對待生病的,被棄養的, 以及流浪動物。對於任意棄養人 應有所懲罰 停止無人道的方法捕捉動物 以及停止繁殖場的不當經營.


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