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Bring Back Classic Taco Bell Items Like Enchirito, Baja Gorditas/Chalupas And $1 Grillers

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We the people of the world, lovers of delicious fast food Mexican dishes, in order to relive the glorious days of when we were free to eat the things we enjoyed such as $1 Grillers, Enchirito & Baja Gordito and Chalupa and we would like to ask that Yum! Brands reevaluate the decision to discontinue the things we loved and cherished.

If Rick and Morty can bring back a roughly 20 year old sauce at the request of its fans, why can't we do the same?

There isn't as much variety in the fresh options in the new, and less improved menu. The classic Mexican inspired dishes have been pushed aside for tacos inside of gorditas, there is no chalupa option, and the more economical items like enchirito and grillers have been erased from the menu in lieu of more basic tortilla chip-infused items that appeal to the standard 2am Jack in the Box crowd looking for something terrible to eat after a night of binge drinking. 

Your competitors such as Chipotle and Taco Cabana are killing in the fresh side of things offering their customers more variety of sauces instead of replacing them with ranch.

I can't remember the last Mexican dish I made that contained All American Ranch Dressing.

Also, it is coincidental that when Doritos chips were converted into taco shells and introduced to the menu we lost the flavor of the inside of our meals for the outside. We feel that is unfair justice for our favorite realistic Mexican-inspired yums.

BRING BACK THE YUMS, YUM! BRANDS! And we will gladly give you our money in return. It's a win/win.

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