Bring back Taco Bell's Waffle Taco and Make it a Permanent Item OnTaco Bell's Menu

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Hello everyone I need your help. 

In March of 2014, Taco Bell launched its breakfast menu, which included the Waffle Taco. The Waffle Taco was made up of a taco-shaped waffle shell stuffed with eggs and either sausage or bacon. It was also served with a side of syrup, so you wouldn't have to eat hot sauce in the morning.                                                                            

But in March of 2015, Taco Bell revamped its breakfast menu. And sadly, the Waffle Taco was discontinued. 

And now I need your help. We can bring back the Waffle Taco and make it a permanent item on Taco Bell's menu, and here are 4 ways how:

1.Sign this petition to bring back the Waffle Taco and make it a permanent item on Taco Bell's menu by clicking the sign menu, and say why you are signing this petition(saying why you are signing this petition is an optional choice).  

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We will start our goal at 100 signatures. Once we reach 100 signatures, the goal will go up until we reach 40,000 signatures or more. Remember, if we can get at least 40,000 signatures we can make a difference. But, if we can get more than 40,000 signatures, it would be better. Don't delay sign today.

                                     Sincerely,                                                                                            SaxonPezzollaVGCP