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Prevent Tree Kangaroos from being roadkill

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Too many tree kangaroos are killed on Far North Queensland roads each year, contributing to a concerning decline in their population. A devastating encounter with the lifeless body of one of these magnificent animals killed on the road is a reminder that more could be done to prevent further loss of their precious lives. 

This petition focuses on the roads bordering Mt. Hypipamee National Park, an area known for its Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroos, and, sadly for their run-ins with vehicles. This is a plea for those responsible for the protection of our native wildlife and for the safety of our roads to reconsider the speed limits on roads dividing forests that Lumholtz's tree kangaroos are known to inhabit.

Many are of the view that complacent locals are responsible for a large portion of the deaths, succumbing to the assumption that locals will ignore speed limits as many do already in this area. If this is the case, I call for the implementation of speed cameras or speed bumps. The prospects of putting up wildlife bridges and wildlife tunnels should also be considered, not just for the benefit of the tree kangaroos but also for many other native species that are know to be frequent victims of speeding vehicles on this stretch of road. 

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