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Stop The Tories Proposal To Allow Biological Males To Gain Access To Bio Female Safe Space

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Soon in the UK adults will be able to change their gender legally without a doctor’s diagnosis under government plans that will transform British society.

Bio males will be able to identify themselves as women — and Bio females as men — and have their birth certificates altered to record their new gender.  This means Ministers plan to tear up the existing rules that mean people have to live for two years as their desired gender before they can officially change sex.

If someone hasn't lived for at least two years in their desired gender or been assessed by a doctor it could lead to abuses and males trying to access female space with malicious intent.

And that could mean vulnerable women's safe spaces, like Rape Crisis Centres and women's bathrooms may soon have to allow access to biological males - without question, as long as they claim they are female.

As well, if a woman sees someone who still looks like a biological male she might not know their gender identity.  Gender Identity isn't always obvious. 

Imagine how a female victim of child abuse, a rape victim or a survivor of domestic violence in a shelter might feel in this situation when she's in a place she thought was safe?

Imagine what could happen if someone abused this new proposed legislation to attack women or girl children?

Violent crimes are disproportionately committed by biological males against biological women and girls.  ALL prejudice is wrong, including prejudice against Trans people, but we need to recognize that biological females are also discriminated against based on their birth sex, in particular as victims of this type of crime.

Please help protect biological girls women from this by signing this petition.  Advocate to stop this legislation or for the Tories proposal to include a mandate that safe spaces for biological women will be protected.


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